Armen Ges






Born and raised in the city of Los Angeles, Armen Ges procured a love for art at a young age. Growing up, he worked with different mediums and explored a variety of designs in the world of graffiti. As a self-taught artist, his style evolved over the years, creating a truly authentic form of abstract. His paintings can be seen as non-traditional and innovative, taking from his environment and utilizing a bright colored palette filled with movement. He received his Bachelor's in Psychology with a minor in Visual Public Art at California State University, Monterey Bay. In 2020 I declined the offer at Each piece not only challenges him mentally but physically.

Artist Statement 


With a background in psychology, my artwork revolves around the intersection of the human psyche. My undying passion for art motivates me to design pieces from a combination of materials, with acrylic paint as the primary medium. Like other artists, I aim to express my interpretation of the world, while alluding to familiar aspects of our physical realm. My work embodies a dream-like state, one without a rigid structure or overbearing instruction. Additionally, I employ the fundamental techniques used in painting as well as graffiti. By experimenting with optical illusions, perspectives, and geometry, my art gains an elevated degree of complexity, yet can still be understood by all. Creativity keeps me going, with each piece coming out different from the next. My approach is all about process and immersing myself in my work. Color for me is a fundamental yet imperative tool. My brand and motto, NoThisIsArt, illustrates there is not a single correct perspective of viewing or defining art. Most of my work has been able to successfully achieve a balance between the traditional and contemporary values of art today. I strive to create an inclusive atmosphere with the acceptance of multiple perspectives and various influences.

Artist Tree
West Hollywood
May- July (2021)

Artspace Warehouse

Art Gallery West Hollywood
January (2021)
Intergalactic open 2
Shockboxx Gallery Hermosa Beach 
January 16- 30 (2021)

Two Pieces on Television
Cobra Kai Season 3
January (2021)
Art for Artsakh
Armenian Charity Fundraiser Burbank 
October (2020)

Sweets Exhibition
The City of Santa Clarita, First floor Gallery
June 20- Sept 11 (2020)
Groundwork Coffee Company
Armen Antaramian at Groundwork TractionArt Share L.A Gallery
Dec 18- May 18 (2020)

Two Pieces on Television
"The Chi" Season 3
Dec (2019)

LA Artcore group show
LA Artcore Brewery Annex
July 4 - July 29 (2019)

Fresh Paint Art Advisory
Culver City
March (2019)

LA Open 2019. TAG Gallery
December 18 - January 18 (2019)

Boogie Woman Festival No2
May 26th (2018)
The Vortex LA

Play Coffee x NoThisIsArt Pop up
May 19th (2018)

Metamorphosis Art Exhibit
March 9th (2018)
Above Sea Level Clothing Shop
"Body of Motion" Solo Show
January 29 - February 9 (2018)
Glass Box Gallery
LA Open 2018. TAG Gallery
December 18 - January 20 (2018)

Los Angeles Art Association (2017)

Monterey County Weekly Interview
Cal. State Univ. Monterey Bay Campus Mural (2015)